Teaching Portfolio

Faculty Development

Public Scholarship Series

Partnering with colleagues from Emory and Baylor university, I developed and launched a statement of achievement series on public scholarship to help faculty find a home for themselves in public engagement. Sequence Description Want to engage in public outreach but don’t know where to start? Already work with public-facing assignments and research but don’t know … More Public Scholarship Series

Digital Humanities Series

This workshop sequence is designed to support faculty members who are interested in digital projects in the classroom but don’t know where to start and to offer a space for conversation between those interested in DH and digital pedagogy across disciplines that tend to be siloed from one another. Though the platforms modeled in this … More Digital Humanities Series

Emory Foundations for Online Teaching

Leading a teaching team through curriculum development and offering this fully online course, I taught best practices for online pedagogy to graduate students from many different disciplines. In order to earn a series of micro-credentialing badges, students read critical DH pedagogy and develop an online learning module in a caring community. The final module includes … More Emory Foundations for Online Teaching


Both as co-instructor and as the leader of a teaching team, I facilitated this graduate teacher training program that introduces participants to digital tools and technologies to use in their teaching and research. Participants are introduced to digital tools, discuss practical and theoretical models for digital scholarship, and receive assistance in developing materials for their … More TPC+R

University Courses

Writing about Literature: Journeying through Faerie

In this FYC course, students study and write fairy tales to share with young children at a reading event and with the larger public through digital storytelling. … More Writing about Literature: Journeying through Faerie

Expository Writing: Choose Your Own Adventure

Working with Storium in the classroom gives student texts central place in creating a collaborative learning environment. … More Expository Writing: Choose Your Own Adventure

Exploring Victorian Medievalism in a Major Authors Course

Throughout this major authors, writing-intensive course, students examine the reception of the Middle Ages inherited from the Romantics and Victorians. The guiding question is: What cultural work does the reception of past stories and forms (whether revivals or rejections) accomplish? … More Exploring Victorian Medievalism in a Major Authors Course