Emory Foundations for Online Teaching

Leading a teaching team through curriculum development and offering this fully online course, I taught best practices for online pedagogy to graduate students from many different disciplines. In order to earn a series of micro-credentialing badges, students read critical DH pedagogy and develop an online learning module in a caring community. The final module includes a discussion assignment and rubric optimized for an online environment, an instructional video, and a sample assessment, all organized with readings and instructional content.


Continuous Improvement

EFOT tends to receive favorable feedback from students with nine out of ten respondents ranking the class as very effective on a four-point Likert scale. Since EFOT is an intensive training in best practices that results in a statement of accomplishment the requirements can be more rigorous than participants expect. In most iterations, students appreciate the practical connections between assignments and real teaching experience, often noting that the training can help in any teaching experience.

Students are often overwhelmed by the intensive online learning experience offered by EFOT. Embedded in the opening week is a discussion about addressing student needs early and relieving anxiety wherever possible. With the teaching team, I continued to make the course more accessible for students who are new to online learning, while applying new technology, such as when Emory transitioned from Adobe Connect to Zoom as preferred platform for its synchronous sessions. Each iteration, we streamlined student deliverables so that the focus can be more on learning best practices in an environment where students feel able to explore pedagogical possibilities.

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