Graduate Worker Educational Projects

Light Bulb icon with the text "Educational Development Project." Roots flowing from the light bulb icon branch out with the following list of potential projects: workshop, badge, resources, module, teaching guide, training video, teaching tip, web development, social media campaign, classroom partnership, SOTL, and faculty appreciation.

Inspired by the Blended and Online Learning Design Fellow Program at the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching and the Digital Scholarship Internship Program at the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, I am redesigning the graduate assistant requirements at the University of South Dakota Center for Teaching and Learning.

Previously, every graduate worker was required to design and facilitate one workshop. I noticed that this led to a disconnect between the experience gained with the CTL and their future careers. To simultaneously reignite student interest and excitement in their projects and ensure that they work in areas that blend CTL needs with their future careers, I am developing a program that expands the workshop requirement to an educational project requirement.

Graduate workers will select from the following domains and then design and implement a project with the guidance of a full-time faculty developer.


Graduate workers interested in this domain could develop and facilitate a workshop, a micro-credential with Badgr, or a collection of supplemental resources to enrich current programming.

Training Materials

Graduate workers interested in this domain could develop an asynchronous module, a teaching guide illuminating a best practice or innovative technology, or a training video that meets faculty needs.

Digital Marketing

Graduate workers interested in this domain could develop a social media campaign, research and compose teaching tips for the newsletter, or add materials to the center web site.

Faculty Outreach

Graduate workers interested in this domain could develop a faculty appreciation program, propose their own contribution to SOTL, or a classroom partnership in which they suggest evidence-based practices in consultation with a faculty member.

Program participants are encouraged to identify a need faculty have or a gap in CTL offerings and propose an innovative project outside of these suggestions.

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