I Still Do

I used to think the power of words was inexhaustible, That how we said the world was how it was, and how it would be. I used to imagine that word-sway and word-thunder Would silence the Silence and all that, That worlds were the Word, That language could lead us inexplicably to grace, As though … More I Still Do

On This Holy Mountain

I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of place lately. Partially, this is because I feel like an exile in the South. Things are different in Cascadia. We have Fred Meyer instead of Kroger’s. Our summers are properly dry. And we understand the importance of storm drains. But understanding the importance of space is … More On This Holy Mountain

“All Things Come from Splendor”: The Poet Laureate Charles Wright

I was excited last summer when I heard that Charles Wright would become the Poet Laureate of the United States. I am drawn to the way he meditates on the weather and the change of seasons as though they are life-giving texts and discerns meaning about himself and his mortality. He translates the language of … More “All Things Come from Splendor”: The Poet Laureate Charles Wright