Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Wishes for the Book Genie

Book wishes. We all have them. Maybe you wish you could meet an author or that a series had never ended, especially due to author existence failure… Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week’s post is about the wishes I would ask the book genie to grant me.

1. A Pouch of the Best Longbottom Leaf

We shall have to share our pipes, as good friends must at a pinch.

– Merry in The Two Towers

That would be the most relaxing evening ever.

2. To Meet These Authors

Does that count as one wish, or did I just blow all ten of my wishes in one fell swoop?

3. For Flannery O’Connor’s Characters to Somehow be Okay

The life they save might be my own…

4. To Go Back in Time and Actually Say Hi to Authors at Readings

Okay, maybe I was too shy to say anything to Timothy Zahn, but in my defense, I was hangry when I went to that Charles Wright reading and I didn’t want him to see that…

5. To See the Library in The Name of the Rose

“So the plan of the library reproduces the map of the world?”

“That’s probable. And the books are arranged according to the country of their origin, or the place where their authors were born, or, as in this instance, the place where they should have been born.”

But I would not touch any books!

6. To Be Immune from Poison

We all know I would touch the books.

7. Hope for Unpublished Authors

Something for Hopkins and Bakhtin and all those geniuses who were too out of step with their times to be recognized.

8. Post-Novel Reverie

You know that feeling you have right after finishing an immersive novel? It’s like a coffee nap but so much better. Yeah, let’s magically extend that with those genie powers.

9. More Time to Read

And not in a Twilight-Zone-broken-glasses kind of way!

10. Rebuild the Library of Alexandria

Because its destruction is the saddest thing ever for a bibliophile

2 Responses

    • Just checked it out and I love number 10: “The ability to instantly pick the right book to get every person interested in reading. I really believe people who don’t like to read just haven’t found the right book yet.”

      I think that’s absolutely right. For me it was SWEU and Redwall because you have to start somewhere 😉

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