Weekend Coffee Share: Damn Fine Coffee with a Bonsai

If we were having coffee, I would excitedly lead you out to the back porch while the French press steeps. Shuffling past the half-packed boxes of books and the growing towers of other books that I feel need more care than cardboard can provide, I would fling open the door and point.

bonsai 061515

The bonsai has exploded with growth over the last few weeks. Last time we had coffee he only had the leaves leaning over to the right and the ones in the center were budding but not quite open yet.

But it hasn’t been all growth and sunlight these past few weeks. The bonsai had one more trial. I noticed a collection of green balls circling one of the stems. It was late, so I didn’t have enough light to see what they were. In the light, I could see that he was once again in danger. That’s right, I had to save him from spider eggs!

There had been a shady looking spider hanging out with him at night. I, of course, did not approve, but I’m not accustomed to killing spiders when they are outside. Fortunately, I was able to pry those little green seeds of death off before they could do him any harm.

Once the coffee was ready to plunge, I would wonder aloud what the coffee culture would be like in Georgia. There’s a Peet’s Coffee on campus, but what else is there? Will I have to mix my coffee with coke like O’Connor to get an extra kick? When it comes to beer and coffee or some wondrous mixture of the two, we’re spoiled in the Northwest. But maybe we’ll find some damn fine coffee in Georgia…

If we were having coffee, I would eventually remember myself and realize I had spent all our time together babbling excitedly about my bonsai. What have you been up to? What’s grown in your life? Where have you crushed little green seeds of death?

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  1. It was so fun visiting with you! I’m cheering for your little bonsai..sounds like he’s a fighter 🙂 We’ve been battling enemies of mint, cabbage and broccoli lately. An aside, we learning recently how unique orchids really are–they are more like living animals than plants lol. Have a beautiful rest of your Sunday. BTW Peets is the best!

      • They are easily bruised, can get infections from dirty shears, if they aren’t getting enough sun their roots rise out of the earth to actively find sun (“Sunbathing”), they can sunburn as well

  2. What a mixture of emotions and thoughts you must have as you prepare for and anticipate this move. Everything will be different. Fresh start. All that is fine, but so many unknowns in the mix, not to mention all the things you’ll be leaving behind!

  3. Shudder at the spider eggs…Glad you saved the bonsai from them!

    And lol about the coffee and the Twin Peaks reference…My husband and I are rewatching the series.

    • It’s definitely worth a rewatch. I’m not sure whether I love Twin Peaks or The Prisoner more, but they are both high on the list. I hope the new Twin Peaks project happens, but it seemed like Lynch went back and forth… Check out the video. There’s a whole series of these commercials mirroring the story of the show.

      • I haven’t seen The Prisoner, so I’ll have to give it a try.

        I do hope they’re going through with the new Twin Peaks project, too. I think they’re going to, but Lynch’s involvement keeps bouncing back and forth.

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