A Retreat with Hopkins

This would be an important week for my favorite poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins. As a Jesuit priest, he would have been active in the liturgies celebrated during this time. The Hopkins scholar, Joseph Feeney, even refers to “the busy Fr Hopkins during Holy Week.” We’re going to spend this week with “the busy Fr Hopkins,” dwelling on […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Read Difficult Poems

Last time we looked at a possible way to start reading poetry. I suggested maybe choosing poems that seem more accessible, but what about the ones that get labeled inaccessible? Today we’re going to think about difficult poems and why they’re important. So you’ve got a poem in front of you. You’ve been staring at it […]

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Discovering the Poetry of Father Hopkins

Above the chair where we’ll rock our daughter to sleep, across from the portrait of Br. Monday, and sharing the same wall as overly-earnest child Flannery O’Connor scowling poring over her book is a print of one of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s drawings. The sketch, dated July 25th and probably made during the 1860’s, depicts a beech tree … More Discovering the Poetry of Father Hopkins

Ring Out, Wild Bells

Happy New Year! Why don’t we celebrate with a section from In Memoriam A.H.H. Tennyson wrote this poem, with its cantos of raw grief enveloped by a calmer ring of a Prologue and an Epilogue, to mourn the untimely death of his friend. Part of the structure of this poem works around annual celebrations that work in the … More Ring Out, Wild Bells

Year in Review

We’re at the close of The Golden Echo’s second year. During the year, we settled down from our move out to Georgia (as much as we can as Cascadians) and we’re now awaiting our firstborn, Eleanor. With everything that’s going on, I thought we would take a look at some of the most viewed posts on the … More Year in Review