Year in Review – 2018

We’ve have another busy year! Our daughter is walking and talking and…scattering her toy dinosaurs all over the house… And since last summer, I’ve been working on my dissertation, looking at the ways Victorians relate to the medieval past through liturgy. Whether Anglicans, dissenters, or agnostics, they’re using tons of liturgical allusions. And I turned … More Year in Review – 2018

People or Books

There’s this classic Twilight Zone episode. Maybe you’ve seen it. A bibliophile finally has enough time to read, only at the cost of all other life and civilization itself. As fellow bibliophiles, we can have the tendency to focus on the final tragic moment when he loses his only way to read even though surrounded by … More People or Books

A Person is a Student is a Customer is a Product is a Thing

Ever wonder why universities have marketing departments? Marketing is a tool for profit maximization. Marketing is what you do when you need to increase your target segment, not when your organization, by its nature, sends potential clients away every year. Ever notice how fiercely universities are engaged in brand management? There are special colors and … More A Person is a Student is a Customer is a Product is a Thing