The Hermitage of Br. Monday

No hugging. No learning.

No hugging. No learning.

Things didn’t quite work out with the Thelemites. It just so happens to turn out that when everyone does whatever they want, nothing gets done. First they forgot to pay the maids. Then the pizza boxes started piling up. And the last straw was when Br. Monday was all set to watch The Walking Dead and the electricity went out. He packed up his bags right there and stormed out.

But there’s still hope. Br. Monday was inspired when he heard recently about the stylites and has decided, all on his own, that he’s ready to be a hermit. He’s especially partial to the idea of people sending him baskets of food and never having to do cleaning duty ever again.

So this is the end of the project. Br. Monday has learned nothing, and he doesn’t remember half of his adventures, but he knows he had them.

He asked me to include his Paypal widget on this last post. I’m not going to do that, but if you want to fund his growing collection of video games and comic books and put something in the pot for beer money, then go ahead and find him on his mountain. The password is: Abba, a word.

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