The Healing of Br. Monday

Monastic Monday

Official Lady’s Man

Br. Monday has been through a lot since we first met him. That original wide-eyed innocence has been replaced by wide-eyed horror. But we’re all about healing and hope here, so we aren’t giving up on Br. Monday. Here’s a recounting of his healing process from his retreat to the new mission statement.

1. Design

Br. Monday’s first retreat conference wherein he learns:

We are all alive together and bound into varying constellations by the live numbers of the proportions through which we see and touch each thing and the next.

2. First Love

Wherein Br. Monday learns a very important lesson about lying and matches.

3. Dignity

Br. Monday didn’t learn anything here.

4. Lady’s Man

Let’s just face it–every monk is one of these.

5. False Impression

Think you understand other parts of the world? So does Br. Monday…

6. Br. Monday Wishes You a Happy Labor Day

And he did just that, even though every day is a holiday for Br. Monday. Seriously, all he does is stand there with that look on his face whenever I ask him to help out with something.

7. Talking Points with an Abba

Out here in the desert, the Abba’s are always getting stuffy, churchy questions. Be the first to ask the Abba what he thinks about the last season of Arrested Development or if he’s going to wear his robes to The Force Awakens premier.

8. On This Holy Mountain

It is good that you are here. It is good that you are here. And most importantly: It is good that you are here.

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