The Adventures of Br. Monday

Monastic Monday

Br. Monday needed a break today from being chased by hippos and crocodiles and pretending to listen to the abbas. If you need him, he says he’ll be fishing with the net Abba Achilles gave him.

So until he gets back, here’s a list of his adventures so far:

1. Abba a Word

The start of the series with a little primer on the origins of the monastic movement and the Sayings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. And for those of you noticing the sad absence of ammas in this series, I’m looking into the sayings and stories of Syncletica and Theodora. Basically, everything they say to do, Br. Monday should but doesn’t.

2. A Tale of the Most Excellent Eavesdropper

Wherein Br. Monday does something he shouldn’t.

3. Once When a Hippopotamus was Ravaging the Neighboring Countryside

Br. Monday still doesn’t like talking about this.

4. How to Quarrel Like a Monk

Wherein Br. Monday gets a free brick!

5. If You Give a Monk a Fishing Net

Wait for the exciting sequel: If You Give a Hermit a H…oh never mind.

6. Abba Arsenius on Education

Wherein Br. Monday learns the true meaning of education.

7. Community, Conversatio Morum, and Crocodiles

Wherein Br. Monday wishes he had chosen a different life.

8. Abba John’s Office Hours

If you forget anything from this list — don’t worry! —  Prof. John will fill you in.

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