Ten Titles I Never Thought I Would Use

I just noticed that I’ve never used the “what happens next will surprise you!” trope. Wow, I’m missing out on quite the opportunity there. I’m thinking this blog needs some more clickbait titles. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Gerard Manley Hopkins comes into contact with the Oxford movement. What he does next will surprise you!
  2. How to Write like a Pretentious Grad Student
  3. 5 Things Your Writing Assistant Never Told You
  4. 5 Poems You Can Read Today that Will Make You Sadder
  5. Is Lana Del Rey Real Poetry? The Answer Will Surprise You.
  6. TFW You Read a Walt Whitman Poem for the First Time


    Poetry is the BEST bathroom reading

  7. 10 Poets You Didn’t Know Were Still Alive
  8. How To Lose Your Funding in 1 Easy Step
  9. Little Known Ways to Pretend You’ve Read More in Grad School than You Actually Have
  10. 10 Love Poems Better than a Taylor Swift Breakup Song

Oh wow, I started this as satire and now I want to write at least half of these…. Wait…I think I’ve already written number 3… So which ones would you like to see? Other than the first one. The answer is he becomes a Jesuit. Surprise!


6 Responses

  1. Every love poem is better than a Taylor Swift song. I don’t mean to be mean, but I have an eleven year old daughter and hear far more Taylor Swift than I feel anyone should ever have to. 😉

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