This Kirk Hug is for You

There have been far too few Kirk hugs on here lately. I think everyone needs one.


And here’s something else open-armed and consoling from America’s bard (yes we have a bard), Walt Whitman:

I will plant companionship thick as trees along all the rivers of America, and along the shores of the great lakes, and all over the prairies,
I will make inseparable cities with their arms about each other’s necks,
                   By the love of comrades,
                      By the manly love of comrades.
For you these from me, O Democracy, to serve you ma femme!
For you, for you I am trilling these songs.

That’s it for now. I’m hoping to have more content on here soon. I’ve been focused lately on preparing for the SLSA conference (read about that here). And our daughter, Eleanor Caroline the fair, will be born in a few months.


So if the Golden Echo becomes overrun with fairy tales and whatever else we’re doing for womb reading, you know why.

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