5 Myths about Writing

Whether we call them misconceptions, alternative conceptions, or myths, here are five things that can get in the way of our best writing. 1. First draft is final. Who hasn’t done this? Depending on the piece, I still have to resist the temptation to do this. It can seem so harmless, especially if we’re confident that … More 5 Myths about Writing

Thanks a Lot Murakami-San

Haruki Murakami has an advice column, and you can find some great English translations here. The website itself is filled with charming pictures of Murakami himself attending to a host of upright animals. So many of the responses are avuncular and yet harsh and misleading. Death is met with nihilism and the desire for deep-fried oysters. Have a broken heart, Murakami wonders “Who cares?” … More Thanks a Lot Murakami-San