Deconstructing the Desert

How can deconstruction relate to the Desert Fathers? Jacques Derrida’s method of deconstruction is in some ways a critique of religious thought. It exposes assumptions that we rely on in Western culture, such as an overlying concept of intelligibility and reason, that we call the logos, that transcends and anchors all meaning. Early monasticism is … More Deconstructing the Desert

Where is Br. Monday?

I’m sorry to say, but Br. Monday was quite hurt by my words last week. He hasn’t spoken to me since and has been gallivanting around the countryside rather than following his monastic schedule (not that he actually followed it before, but he always made a splendid show of pretending to follow it). I discovered he had … More Where is Br. Monday?

The Worst Kind of Monk

We learned about a new mission statement last time on Monastic Mondays, but some of you may be wondering perhaps what Br. Monday’s rejected statement was. Fortunately, I found it crumpled up in the corner of the chapter room after he sulked away. Here it is: “To seek myself and share nothing anywhere.” In case … More The Worst Kind of Monk

On This Holy Mountain

I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of place lately. Partially, this is because I feel like an exile in the South. Things are different in Cascadia. We have Fred Meyer instead of Kroger’s. Our summers are properly dry. And we understand the importance of storm drains. But understanding the importance of space is … More On This Holy Mountain

False Impression

It’s time for the last of the conferences. Br. Monday is already packed to return to the Abba’s. Let’s listen to the last thing the retreat master has to say… It is a false impression, that easy sense we have that we know or can quickly know about other parts of the world, other cultures, … More False Impression

Lady’s Man

Br. Monday is barely awake, but he’s made it to this mornings retreat conference… In An Interrupted Life by Etty Hillesum, she is speaking about a man she admires and says, “I think most of us get the wrong idea when we hear the phrase lady’s man–we immediately think of sex. He is a lady’s man, true … More Lady’s Man