There is a Place: Mourning with Poets

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Leonard Nimoy’s death. Here’s the post I wrote when I first heard about his passing, posted on February 27, 2015. I remember I was in office hours for a technical writing class, and I remember that it was best that no students showed up. David Marcus –  Lieutenant Saavik was … More There is a Place: Mourning with PoetsMore There is a Place: Mourning with Poets

In Memoriam

Happy Memorial Day! I thought we would celebrate with Tennyson’s great elegy, In Memoriam. Completed in 1849, the poem follows Tennyson’s grief over the death of his friend, Arthur Hallam, in 1833. Through all 133 cantos of the poem, we share in the speaker’s mourning, but I’ve personally always found Canto 121 to be the most … More In Memoriam