Public Scholarship Series

Partnering with colleagues from Emory and Baylor university, I developed and launched a statement of achievement series on public scholarship to help faculty find a home for themselves in public engagement.

Sequence Description

Want to engage in public outreach but don’t know where to start? Already work with public-facing assignments and research but don’t know how that fits into public scholarship? This new Statement of Achievement series will introduce faculty to public-facing, multimodal assignments in the classroom and best practices for translating academic research for a public audience.

Workshop Descriptions

  • What is Public Scholarship: This first workshop introduces participants to a broad understanding of public scholarship and provides a space to discuss the potential for courses and projects.
  • Pedagogical Series
    • Enabling Students to be Public Scholars: Inspired by the work of Alexandria Lockett, this workshop introduces faculty to strategies that enable student writing in public spaces through hacker name, bio-mythography, and wiki editing activities.
    • Blogging in the Classroom: The blogging in the classroom workshop introduces participants to crafting and assessing public-facing writing assignments in the classroom.
    • Digital Storytelling: The Digital Storytelling workshop will cover basic tools and techniques for assigning multimodal narrative projects in the classroom.
    • Podcasting in the Classroom: Featuring David Morgen from Emory University, this workshop introduces participants to integrating podcasting activities and assessments in the classroom.
  • Organizing Flightless Conferences: This workshop introduces participants to different remote conferencing models and discusses best practices. Joshua King, conference organizer and Associate Professor at Baylor University, will join us to discuss past and future conferences.
  • Public Scholarship Panel: The Public Scholarship series closes with a panel on engaging the public as a researcher. In this panel, Kayla Shipp, Digital Scholarship Specialist at the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, and Peter Kindle, Professor of Social Work, will discuss their work with public-facing research and promoting the public good.

Conference Presentation

I explain more about the broad view of public scholarship the inspires this sequence in my talk at the Engaging Open Social Scholarship gathering organized by the Implementing New Knowledge Environments Partnership.

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