Digital Humanities Series

This workshop sequence is designed to support faculty members who are interested in digital projects in the classroom but don’t know where to start and to offer a space for conversation between those interested in DH and digital pedagogy across disciplines that tend to be siloed from one another. Though the platforms modeled in this workshop lend themselves to classroom use and may not be the ones used by digital humanists publishing in their fields, the shared interest in student research and computer-aided analysis and digital storytelling could spark future conversations.

Sequence Description

Want to develop digital projects and assessments for your classes? The Digital Humanities Out-of-the-Box Statement of Achievement Series will introduce participants to digital tools that enable humanistic inquiry in the classroom without any coding experience necessary.

Workshop Descriptions

Ranging from narrative and temporal projects to textual and network analysis, the tools modeled for classroom use will include:

  1. ​​​​​​​Digital Narrative Assignments with Twine
  2. Temporal Projects with Timeline JS
  3. Collaborative Textual Analysis with Voyant and Spyral
  4. Spatial Projects with StoryMap JS
  5. Network Analysis with Palladio
  6. Archival Research with Readux​​​​​​​

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